These supermarkets in Lhasa don’t close for Spring Festival

2022-04-26 0 By

Recently, the reporter visited the major supermarkets in Lhasa and learned that in order to meet the shopping needs of consumers during the Spring Festival, there are several large supermarkets in Lhasa that “do not close”, so that the general public can also feel relieved to shop during the festival.During the Spring Festival, four supermarkets in Lhasa, including Damai Supermarket, Baiyi Department Store, Shengmeijia Supermarket and Yonghui Supermarket, have adopted the mechanism of “closing shop” during the Spring Festival, and each supermarket has fully prepared all kinds of commodities needed by consumers to ensure a stable supply of all kinds of commodities during the Spring Festival.★ Baiyi Department Store: New Year’s Eve (January 31) business time 9:30-19:00, the first day (February 1) business time 11:00-20:00, the second day (February 2) business time 11:00-20:00, the third day (February 3) normal business.★ Yonghui Supermarket: Opening hours 10:00-23:00 on the 26th to 28th day of the twelfth lunar Month (January 28-30), 9:30-19:00 on New Year’s Eve (January 31), 11:00-23:00 on the first day (February 1), 11 on the second day (February 2) :00- 23:00, the third day (February 3) normal business.★ Damai Supermarket: New Year’s Eve (January 31) 9:30-18:00, the first day to the fourth day (February 1-4) 11:00-21:00, the fifth day (February 5) normal business.★ Shengmeijia Supermarket: normal business during the Spring Festival, 8:30-23:00.Address: Chengguan District Salad Road 47