Taiwan media: five sorties of PLA military aircraft entered the airspace southwest of Taiwan on New Year’s Eve

2022-04-26 0 By

[news page – Taiwan network] 31 the united daily news reported according to Taiwan, Taiwan “air command” southwestern airspace announced today (31) night air situation dynamic, including annihilates – 16 d electronic fighter, 5 times the people’s liberation army military aircraft, today to enter the southwestern airspace, according to the report, which annihilates – 16 d aircraft suspected of stand-alone operations, and across the south “the line”.Taiwan’s air Force said it flew three J-16 fighter jets, one J-16D fighter jet and one KJ-500 sortie in and out of the southern part of the “Central Line” and the southern edge of the southwest “air defense Identification Zone” on New Year’s Eve today.The report mentioned that the J-16D fighter jet suspected single operation, crossed the southern “strait line.”Taiwan’s air force said it dispatched air patrol forces to respond to the three groups of PLA fighter jets, broadcast evictions and monitored anti-aircraft missiles.Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” said that the J-16D electronic fighter first appeared in “disturbing Taiwan” on January 24, today is the second time.Scholars and retired generals have analyzed that THE J-16D electronic fighter may have been mass-produced and used in actual combat.The new j-16D electronic fighter is the latest model in the J-16 fighter series and equipped with troops. It can form a more complete avio-electronic warfare system with other fighters, destroy enemy information acquisition capabilities and disable electromagnetic systems, the report said.For the people’s liberation army in the Taiwan strait around military action, deputy director of the department of defense news agency, the defense department spokesman ke-fei tan senior colonel on December 30, 2021, said at a regular press conference in the afternoon, the root of the current tension in the Taiwan strait to upgrade, is that the democratic progressive party (DPP) and the “Taiwan independence” separatist forces for “alone” provocative and external forces “in Taiwan China” devises.The PLA is duty-bound to safeguard national sovereignty and security and curb separatist activities for “Taiwan independence”.Tan Kefir said that since 2021, the PLA has regularly organized patrols of bombers, reconnaissance planes and fighters around the Taiwan Island, regularly organized joint combat readiness patrol by various services and arms in the vicinity of the Taiwan Island, and regularly organized live-combat exercises such as joint naval assault, joint land strike and joint air defense operations in the seas and airspace near the Taiwan Island.Hype the number of the actual number is the plane than the democratic progressive party (DPP) authorities will only more, not less, goal is very clear, that is to act decisively back outside the island power frequently poor behavior, issues challenge the one-china principle, resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and earnestly safeguard the common well-being of compatriots on both sides of Taiwan strait and peace and stability in the Taiwan straits.