C2/500kg 1-C2/500kg weighing sensor HBM

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I am tang Engineer from C2/500kg Division of German HBM weighing sensor, a product service provider in the Chinese market. Because I often use German HBM 1-C2/500kg weighing sensor to carry out various production measurements, I have a very clear understanding of the material and structure of various sensors, so I share my understanding of sensor knowledge with you.When we install the weighing system, we need to use various cables to connect the German HBM sensor with other components because of different installation environments and many instruments used in the weighing system. However, special attention should be paid to the choice of cables when connecting the sensor with other accessories.First of all, because the German HBM C2/10T weighing sensor cable is often exposed to use, so it is often affected by the working environment has a great impact on the cable, so we must choose the cable suitable for the working environment when we choose the German HBM weighing sensor 1-C2/500kg cable,When connecting all kinds of wires and cables, we must do a good job of sealing the connection. Sometimes, because of moving or other interference in use, the wiring interface of the sensor often leads to poor sealing and damage.German HBM 1 – C2/100 kg weighing sensor generally use cable are metal so if the sensors work environment is high temperature and wet it is easy to damage to sensor cable external package make 1 – C2/5 t sensor cable wires within the exposed it is very vulnerable to environmental disturbance rust or short circuit phenomenon,The wire of German HBM weighing sensor not only plays the role of transmitting power supply voltage, but also is responsible for the signal transmission of the sensor, which plays a considerable role in the excitation voltage compensation of the sensor and the power supply of the bridge circuit.Therefore, in order to ensure that the signal transmission and power supply voltage of the sensor can be used normally, we choose the material of the German HBM weighing sensor wire or copper wire most of the time, because these two kinds of cable materials have good performance both in circuit transmission and signal output.In order to ensure the signal transmission and power supply voltage transmission of German HBM weighing sensor in work and use, we will choose longer service life when choosing cable and wire.In order to prevent the cable of C2/500K sensor from being damaged in the environment and being fireproof and flame-retardant, we will choose to cover the cable with a layer of cable sleeve to protect the cable from being damaged.