Vanessa is expected to earn $300 million and become a wealthy single woman.Exposure weight 200 catties, began to lose weight

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Island Express, a helicopter company, and Vanessa Bryant, Bryant’s widow, are close to reaching an agreement on compensation for what happened to Bryant and Gianna, US media reported.After Bryant and Gianna died, Vanessa sued the helicopter company Island Express, arguing that bad weather conditions on the day of the crash made it impossible to take off.But the helicopter took off anyway, so the helicopter company Island Express is to blame.Island Express, the helicopter company, didn’t initially want to pay Vanessa much, saying it took off because of Bryant’s insistence.Not long ago, Vanessa signed off on the release of a revised image of Bryant’s body.According to the corrected image, Bryant was hit more than 30 times after losing control of the helicopter, losing an arm and both legs, and his body was covered with bruises.Kobe corrected the release of the body map, Vanessa brought a lot of public opinion support.As Vanessa’s support grew, Island Express, a helicopter company, approached her and offered to negotiate a settlement.Vanessa is expected to receive at least $300 million in compensation, or nearly 2 billion yuan in Chinese yuan, ACCORDING to US media reports.According to the report, Vanessa initially offered $500 million in damages, and if the final settlement was $300 million, she also backed down.Vanessa, 39, is getting richer.Kobe Bryant left Vanessa an estate worth about $2 billion, including a lot of real estate, and the value of his estate continues to grow, as he leaves Vanessa a business empire.With an inheritance of over $2 billion and a settlement of over $300 million, Vanessa may be worth more than $3 billion in a few years.Of course, this wealth is not unique to Vanessa, who also has three daughters.Vanessa is now literally a wealthy single woman, but Vanessa also has a problem – her figure is a little out of control.According to media reports, Vanessa now weighs nearly 200 pounds.Vanessa is only 5 ‘6 “and weighs 200 pounds, which is considered obese.As evidenced by the photos Vanessa has shared on social media, she has lost control of her figure and has lost control of her waist and thighs.The only consolation is that her face is still thin, the standard melon face.Vanessa has hired her nephew as her personal trainer, who reportedly has free access to Bryant’s mansion and plays with his three daughters.Vanessa has realised she is too fat and with the help of a personal trainer she is confident she will soon regain her slim figure.When she was young, Vanessa was a classic beauty, with a high level of beauty and body, and every time she appeared in an audience, she grabbed the spotlight.They say every fat person is a potential stock, and Vanessa will soon regain her peak form after slimming down.Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa is 46 years old and still attractive, thanks to her well-maintained figure.After breaking up with Pippen, timberwolves star Michael Beasley was only 25 when he dated him.Vanessa’s only 39. She’s got her whole life ahead of her.