Quanzhou police for the first time publicly issued telecommunications network fraud reward

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Quanzhou Evening News · Quanzhou pass client on February 17 (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Liao Peihuang Fu Heng correspondent Huang Yingpeng article/figure) On February 17, Fengze district public security bureau held a report telecommunications network fraud illegal crime reward ceremony, 3 informants were awarded 10,000 yuan.It is reported that this is the first time quanzhou police publicly issued telecom network fraud reward.Three informants were rewarded with 10,000 yuan each. These three informants provided clues to the “killing pig plate” fraud in Fengze district.In the first case, a large fraud operation was brought to an end thanks to a tip from Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li (both hua’s surname).On November 28, 2021, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li found a specialized in “killing pig dish” telecom network fraud dens, hiding in an office building in Fengze District.Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li, to fengze public Security sub-district east police station alarm.Subsequently, fengze public Security bureau quickly gathered more than 50 police, in the early morning of November 28, destroyed this through chat software specialized fraud foreigners “killing pig dish” nest, the scene control of 17 suspects, seized 20 computers, 40 mobile phones.By chance, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li learn that the company recruits people to chat with foreigners through chat software posing as beauties, and then induce foreigners to invest in a fake platform set up by themselves.Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li feel that this is usually seen against fraud propaganda “kill pig plate” fraud.After knowing exactly what happened, they reported it to the police.The second winner was Xiao Huang.In November 2021, Huang discovered a company located in Donghai Street, Fengze District, whose employees disguised themselves as “Bai Fumei”, specialized in chatting with men from abroad and then inviting them to invest on a fake platform, which is also a fraud called “Killing pig Pan”.Huang to Fengze branch of public security Wu Yu haifang police station alarm.After careful investigation, on December 6, 2021, the Criminal investigation team of Fengze Public Security Sub-bureau and the Wuyu Coastal Defense police station quickly attacked and destroyed the den at one fell swone, arresting 23 suspects on the scene and seized a large number of criminal tools such as laptop computers and mobile phones.17 held in accordance with the law to protect the reward of the reward ceremony, fengze branch of public security criminal investigation group police introduced, this is the first time the Quanzhou police issued to the informant to report telecommunications network fraud illegal crime reward, I believe this helps to further enhance the enthusiasm of the masses.In recent years, Fengze district continued to increase efforts to crack down on telecom network fraud crimes.On March 17, 2021, the okanagan valley area special operation of telecom network fraud crime prevention management leading group office for the whole society issued the okanagan valley area of reward to blow the whistle on circular telecom network fraud crime (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”), launched the masses, deeply involved in the fraud, to provide related illegal crime clues.”Circular” lists the scope of reporting and reward standards: reporting telecom network fraud in fengze district, verified (criminal compulsory measures must be taken against the suspects, the same below), reward RMB 20,000 for each case;Report the criminal suspects engaged in telecom network fraud (fengze district jurisdiction, the same below), verified, each reward RMB 2000;Report for telecom network fraud gangs to provide transfer, withdrawal, money laundering services suspect, verified, each reward 2000 yuan;Those who report the trading of bank cards, mobile phone cards and corporate accounts will be rewarded with rmb2,000 to RMB5,000 each.Those who report “snakeheads” who organize transportation and introduce others to participate in telecom and network fraud or sneak across the border will be rewarded 20,000 YUAN for each case after verification.Report the telecom network fraud suspects who are pursued online by fengze public Security sub-bureau or the telecom network fraud suspects who are pursued online by foreign public security organs, after verification and capture, each reward of 2000 YUAN.If the staff of communication operators and banking institutions find clues related to fraud and report to the public security organ, and the criminal cases of telecom and network fraud are verified and captured, the reward for each case will be RMB 2,000 to 5,000 yuan;Those who dissuade the masses from being cheated in time will be rewarded RMB 2000 to 5000 yuan for each case.The hotline for reporting is 110, 0595-22539110.Public security authorities protect the personal information and safety of whistleblowers in accordance with the law, the circular said.Those who fail to report their knowledge or provide assistance to criminals shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.