Qi Guangpu 129 points to win!To realize the dream of the Olympic Games, China ranked fourth in seven gold MEDALS

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5.0!129 points!Qi Guangpu wins!China team seven gold!Jia Zongyang, bronze medalist in Sochi and silver medalist in Pyeongchang, fell again after the mixed team and finished 7th with 123.45 points in the first jump, missing the medal round!Qi Guangpu, two-time world Champion and two-time World Cup runner-up, finished fourth with a score of 125.22 in his first dive to advance to the medal round.Medal round, all five of the six players entered 5.0 Back Double full-double Full men’s highest difficulty, unprecedented!Qi Guangpu came out in the third place, steady slide, high jump, air repeatedly turn belt turn, successful landing, the only one, 129 points, 6 jumps 0 mistakes, won the gold medal!At the same time, this is also the seventh gold medal China team harvested in this tournament, continue to create a new record high!No medal for China!China’s Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong and Sun Long competed against South Korea, Italy, Russia and Canada in the men’s 5,000m relay Group A final.After Sun Long accidentally skidded off the track on lap 11, China finished fifth in 6:51.68, out of the MEDALS!Canada, South Korea and Italy are the top three!Han Utong no medal!Women’s 1500m short track speed skating semifinal, Zhang Chutong and Zhang Yuting failed to advance, Han Yutong qualified for group A final as the second group!Choi Min-jeong of South Korea also qualified for the final of Group A with an Olympic record of 2:16.83.In the group A final, Han woo-tong fought alone against Italy’s Fontana, The Netherlands’ Schuerting and Werner, Belgium’s Dimitri, and South Korea’s Choi Min-jeong and Lee Yoo-bin.At the start of the race, Han suddenly chose the “rabbit” tactic to disrupt the rhythm of the others, and then chose to follow again. She ran out of energy in the last two laps and finished seventh in 2:19.060, missing out on a medal.Cui Minjing, Fang Tana and Shu Ting ranked the top three.China ranked fourth with 7 gold and 13 MEDALS.As of February 16 night: Norway: first, July 13 gold silver and 8 bronze Germany: second, 10 gold 6 silver and 4 bronze America: third, 7 8 gold silver and 4 bronze China: 4, 7 gold 4 silver and 2 bronze, daily new 1 gold (JiGuangPu, freestyle skiing man air techniques, the gold medal) Russia: 9, 4 gold 8 silver copper Japan: 12, 2 gold 5 silver 7 copper South Korea:Number 13,2 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze