“Gatekeeper” at the foot of Hutou Mountain: a team that has guarded nanhai Gate for more than 20 years

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Hutou Mountain, located in Maoming, Guangdong Province, on the coast of the South China Sea, is only 25 meters above sea level. It is an important “guardian” guarding the entrance of The Shuidong Port of Maoming.At the foot of its mountain, stationed in such an ordinary team, in the long time of more than 20 years, they and Hutou Mountain play the same “guardian” role, jointly guarding the peace of the south China Sea door.They are maoming entry-exit frontier inspection station shuidonggang police duty team.Got the challenge, overcome the difficulty, they and lonely company, shoulder to shoulder with Hutoushan, common interpretation of guardian significance.Recently, the reporter walked into this team, about the tiger hill under the “gatekeeper” – Maoming entry-exit border inspection station in water donggang police duty team story.Stick to: The first lesson of international experience, he vomited from head to tail on the boat liang Feng, Maoming border inspection station in shuidonggang duty team captain, he is also the team’s most senior police, known as the port area “living map”.There are several wharves and berths in the port area. Where is liang Feng’s location?What countries are the seafarers coming from and what are the characteristics of their documents?These business data, Liang Feng already know at heart.When he went to sea on duty, facing the nearly 7-hour voyage back and forth, he was able to cope with the nausea of the police who had just come.Back 17 years ago, when he was first assigned to the unit, he faced a different situation.At that time, because my unit was responsible for the duty of the only offshore 300,000-ton single point buoy crude oil receiving and unloading system (hereinafter referred to as “single point”) in China, “single point” duty naturally became the first lesson of overseas experience whenever new police arrived.”It was a three-hour flight, vomiting the whole time, and I finally dragged him onto the ship.”Chen Qingyang, the policeman who took Liang Feng out for the first time, remembers the scene vividly.Although it is difficult to stand firm, after coming back to the hospital for two days of intravenous drip, but the new Liang Feng still insisted on completing the task.He was born with the urge to fight, so over the next year he volunteered to do almost all the “single point” work, setting a record of staying on the ship for more than 110 days in one year.From the beginning of “dark sky and dark ground” to gradually adapt, Liang Feng overcame the physiological reaction with one uncomfortable experience after another, and his exquisite professional level was also improved in the duty again and again.”Now, NO matter how bad the sea conditions, I don’t get seasick, it’s all from that time.”Liang feng said proudly.In fact, more than 95% of the policemen working here have experienced such “seasickness”, but everyone is proud of being able to perform “single point” duty. “This is the ‘Great Wall’ of our Maoming border inspectors. If you don’t reach the Great Wall, you are not a true man.”Liang Feng explains.The more difficult, the more forward, the task first, this is to support their perseverance of the spiritual source.In early 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak disrupted the team’s work rhythm.From the beginning of the unknown, nervous to calm response, every change, condensation of the police tears and sweat double overlay efforts.Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, every police officer on duty must wear full protective gear and become the “Baymax” in a tightly wrapped form.In the hot summer, wearing thick protective clothing on duty, one station is two to three hours, the sweat of the body will soon soak the clothes on the body;In winter, the temperature difference causes the exhaled heat to fog the clear goggles for a while.When going through the entry and exit formalities, the policemen had to stare at the screen through the blurred goggles for a long time. After each examination, the policemen’s eyes were sore and even red and swollen.Often police joke, every time off, eye drops than disinfectant also more.Mental torture is more of a test than physical fatigue.According to work regulations, police who have completed high-risk duty should be isolated for a period of time to reduce the risk of the epidemic.Late one night in August last year, luo Jian, a policeman in isolation, suddenly received an urgent call from his pregnant wife at home: “I have a terrible stomachache and feel uncomfortable.”His wife’s early pregnancy check out the baby is not right, Luo Jian can not help but worry about it, fortunately, colleagues timely help his wife to the hospital, after the examination, there is no serious problem.At this moment, Luo Jian dared to close his eyes and have a rest after watching nervously by the telephone all night.”Husband you there responsibility is big, ease of work, I and baby good.”His wife’s message made him feel both guilty and moved.The distance between his workplace and home is only 40 minutes by car, but due to work and isolation during the epidemic, Luo jian often saw his family only once or twice a week.Every time he went out on duty, his wife would encourage him by saying, “If you guard the country, I will look after the small family.”It was with the encouragement of his family that Luo Was always the first to sign up for all kinds of urgent and difficult tasks.”I have less at home and more at work.”Every time he signed up, he always gave his “reasons”.As we all know, Luo Jian’s family situation is “not a little”, so when he meets with difficulties, his colleagues rush to help him at the first time, with this mutual help of the “tacit understanding” cohesion into the collective combat efficiency of the “password”.Reunion: hutoushan guarding the door, he looked forward to the Spring Festival wife and children to “reverse reunion” every Spring Festival, stationed here the police will always have a variety of New Year wishes: some received a greeting at home, some eat some of the hometown specialty……Yi Jianfeng for the police, he is looking forward to another thing: the arrival of his wife and children.After years of work, yi Jianfeng, a “local”, has been home for the Chinese New Year the least often in his team.”I can see my family whenever I want, but I don’t see my colleagues from out of town once a year.”Before the Spring Festival, he gave up his holiday early, and it became an annual practice for his wife and children to come to their duty spots for “reverse reunion”.In exchange, Yi jianfeng chose to fulfill a small wish each year to reunite his wife and children.”I saw a photo of Hutou Mountain next to me on Douyin. It happens to be the Year of the Tiger. Please take me to clock in.”This year’s wish, the wife early thought good.”Promise!”For this simple request, Yi Jianfeng is a natural answer.With his wife and children climbing the same day, Yi Jianfeng also pulled back from the border to reunite with his wife but the same choice to leave duty “new man” Liu Zhenjie.Stop the top of the mountain to look down, magnificent view of the sea, a few ships dotted in the vast sea, scattered village houses inlaid in the land, working for many years is the first time to take time to climb yi Jianfeng in a good mood.”From a distance, we are just one checkpoint, but we are guarding the whole port,” he said, pointing to the location of the checkpoint.”Guard, perhaps is the meaning of our work.”The two of you a sentence I began to chat, his face unconsciously showed a proud smile.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send pai.ycwb.com) source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | jojo