A sudden!Hong Kong is increasing by more than 4000, many people are smuggled back to the mainland, all over the Pearl River Delta cities!

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, the situation in the Pearl River Delta is grim, and Hong Kong continues to deteriorate. Yesterday’s single-day increase of +4285!I can’t believe this is actually in Hong Kong?In less than half a month, the rising trend is amazing!Because Hong Kong’s hospitals are bursting at the seams!Now we have to set up temporary zones everywhere, parking lots full of beds, isolation areas and hospital beds in front of the hospital basically wherever we can use and given the severe depletion of medical resources in Hong Kong, some experts have suggested sending them to the mainland for treatment.These two days a concern of the problem, is illegal smuggling back to the mainland!Yesterday, Hong Kong media reported that 15 people were smuggled into Zhuhai from Hong Kong, and at least 4 were recruited!Their “movements” were in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan and Huizhou, as well as hunan and Fujian.Last night, Zhongshan notified +1, the track is very clear, illegal channels from Hong Kong to Zhuhai!Over the past two days, many coastal villages and communities have organized effective “patrols”.The first 100,000 yuan bonus was claimed yesterday!And this morning just news, Shenzhen all of a sudden added +8!Its main activity track is as follows: Shenzhen temporarily closed the east and west chung through the route!Disclaimer: This article all pictures and texts, audio and video are from the network, only for learning exchange use, copyright belongs to the original author, unless cannot confirm, will indicate the author and source, if there is infringement, please inform to delete, thank you!