The seventh day of the first month is the “day of man”, remember “3 do 2 bogey 1 do not eat”, respect the tradition of safe universiay

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During the Spring Festival, every day has its own customs, and the seventh day of the first lunar month is a very important festival. Legend has it that this day is the day when human beings were created, and it has a history of more than 2,000 years. In addition to many customs, there are also many taboos on this day.Today I will share the traditional custom of the seventh day of the first month, the old traditional “3 do 2 bogey 1 do not eat” to know, the implication of the New Year peace and health, everything goes well!1. Paper cutting is also called caisheng, Huasheng and huasheng, which is a kind of decoration in ancient times.Color paper, gold foil and other materials cut adult or flower shape, wear on the head, also posted on the screen and other places, play a decorative role, but also in order to give yourself a good “color head” in the day, meaning geely, full of blessing meaning.2, send vulcan peace old people seven days there are many worship activities, especially the custom of sending vulcan, it is said that send vulcan can guarantee the emergence of no fire hazard in the home, no fire all year round.Vulcan is the god of fire in the legend of the Han nationality. People first build vulcan shed on the empty field, and each family kneel in front of the shed to worship, place dishes and light incense, so that their own family has a good fortune. The more the fire burns, the more it implies prosperity in the following days.In ancient times, both nobles and civilians, the seventh day to go out for an outing.Different from the negative concept of double Ninth hill-climbing, the seventh day of the first month is to pray for blessings, and the arrival of early spring, all things recovery, flowers in full bloom, very suitable for a family to go out for spring, climb mountains or go to higher places to climb.What “ren” taboo 1, don’t call names for children due to the seventh day is human’s birthday, is the origin of life, in order to show respect for the “people” to the greatest extent, this is the day people should stop the calm, can’t angry quarrel, because swearing would bring fierce, even if the children to make mistakes, and try to communicate with children calmly, don’t beat and scold children,So this day is also the most unscrupulous day for children.2, do not change clothes seventh day try to avoid washing or changing clothes, because this day is the day of “send vulcan”, water and fire, and think that washing clothes is meant to change the blessing, this is not very auspicious, can be put aside, such as the seventh day, and then take out the wash.1. Don’t eat anything too bloody.The seventh day is people’s birthday, in order to express respect for god made people, such as pig blood, duck blood, chicken blood, pig intestines, duck intestines and other food as little as possible to eat, not bloody mouth is also a blessing, this day you can eat noodles, seven treasure soup, dumplings, fish fish sheng, pancake and other traditional food, meaning good luck.The above is the “day of man” pay attention to the day, these customs continue to today is reasonable, are people’s yearning for a better life in the future and look forward to, so we should continue to inherit, everyone on the seventh day of the first month what traditional customs?Feel free to leave a comment.