No fourth gold!Jia zongyang lost a fatal error, Xu Mengtao perfect play, the United States to win the gold

2022-04-24 0 By

On the evening of February 10, the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team final 1 took place at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.According to the rules, the top four teams in the first round advance to the next round, which consists of six teams.Xu Mengtao of China led the competition, choosing 4.293 difficulty, unfortunately, also made a mistake in landing, but still got 94.01, temporarily ranked second.Jia zongyang came out, played well, landed firmly, then accepted the cheers of the crowd.Got 124.78 points, the team score came to 218.79 points, directly rushed to the first position!The third belarusian, Gustic, made a big mistake landing and scored 99.12 points to finish with 273.67.Canada’s Owen, who took his third knee in the air, landed well, scoring 119.91 points for a total of 326.94.Russia’s Nikolai Nikitin, in 4.425, still had some minor flaws, scoring 119.03 points for a total of 295.97.The Swiss made a tiny mistake and finished with 300.62 points.The difficulty of the American players are all 4.525, the completion degree is very high, the total score came to 330.55 points, impulse first!Qi Guangpu, the last player in China, competed with difficulty of 4.525. He finished very well, except for a slight flaw in landing. He got 118.10 points, and the total score came to 336.89 points.The United States ranked second, Canada third and Switzerland fourth to advance to the second round.It is a pity that Russia, the 5th place, failed to win the medal.However, the results of the first round are not carried into the next round, the impact of the medal is still to play steadily and start from scratch.Because this event is added by the Chinese sports delegation, this gold medal should be no suspense, the fourth gold medal is coming?Unfortunately, Jia zongyang made a serious mistake in the second round, and China was beaten to the second place and took the silver medal. The United States stormed back to win the gold medal with the second jump difficulty coefficient of 5.000.