NBA: Grizzlies win by 8.5 points vs. Hornets

2022-04-24 0 By

NBA: grizzlies VS the hornets, the grizzlies to 8.5 points, attack of the hornets today finally hit his victory over the pistons, team play in recent back-to-back tomorrow state great grizzly bears, the grizzlies is one of the few no trading team, team chemistry is very good, so does not exist the problem of running-in, the hornets have no defense, harrell and strengthen the attack,Grizzlies offense and defense are prepared, the size of the field separated to 235.5 points, estimated grizzlies themselves have 130 points, the Hornets have 100 points do not know, after all, the Hornets offense is not stable recently, if tomorrow can not open the three-point shot should be half of the garbage time!