Luo Guofu back to the Ba liga football is still loyal to the National football team, is for show, or true feelings?

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Of the four naturalized Players of Brazilian descent who have been selected for China’s national team, Akesson, Alan and Fernando have appeared in public and on social media as well-mannerly, sounding more traditional Chinese than passionate samba.Luo Guofu and they are not the same, dare to say dare to show, like to show themselves, bold and direct.The boy-like Luo guofu is the most popular of all naturalized players, and even after leaving the CSL, his every move still commands the attention of Chinese fans.When he flashed the jersey of his new club, it drew a lot of comments from prominent media and ordinary fans.Luo guofu will wear the no. 50 shirt at his new club, Baja Minelo America, with the most eye-catching name on the shirt, Luo GF, the initials of his Chinese name in Pinyin. The background of the poster also reveals a strong Chinese element.’I’m not going to change my citizenship as soon as I arrive in Brazil, like other people. It’s a shame,’ he added.If you are called up by the Chinese football team, you will negotiate with the club about your schedule.While luo’s move was praised by many fans, others questioned whether he was just putting on a show.No matter what people think about it, in my personal opinion, there will be some real affection between him and Chinese football.Playing in China is lucrative and Luo is grateful.Luo guofu doesn’t shy away from talking about the financial freedom he has enjoyed since moving to China and earning enough money to live well for the rest of his life.When he returned to Brazil, he kept his Chinese nationality and name and was willing to be called up again.Luo Guofu was not expected when he was selected to the National football team, but he won the favor of many fans through his hard work on the field and became the spiritual leader of the national football team for a time.Although his form is not as good as before, what he shows, especially the spirit of fighting and not giving up, should be learned by local players.No matter he did his best on the field for the National football team, or what he said and did after leaving the CSL, all of them are positive behaviors for Chinese football. It can be seen that Luo Guofu is grateful to China.There is emotion in the show, not flattery.Los Guofu joined the Mineiro America is full of Chinese elements, Chinese name, Chinese style posters…Do not exclude the composition of a show, but he was able to “show loyalty” is also commendable.After the end of the round of 12, Chinese football fell into an unprecedented low, the situation is very bad, almost became a rat, but Luo Guofu did not alienate.In addition, luo guofu is unlikely to return to the Chinese Super League, so there is no need to curry favor with Chinese fans.In view of the current situation of CSL, he can neither earn money nor enjoy football. Moreover, he is too old to come back to play football. There is no need to make a show for it.Luo Guofu returned to his hometown Brazil to play football, with strong Chinese elements, even in the show, there should be some real feelings.After all, he played in China for eight years, not only reaping his wealth, but also staying here for the best part of his career.Generally speaking, Chinese football fans have two views on naturalized Luo Guofu and others. First, they are just “mercenaries” who have earned money but failed to do good things. Now they have gone back to Brazil for their old age, and they are no longer worthy of attention from Chinese football fans.Second, the poor performance of the National football team is not their cause, they have a lot of things worth learning from the local players.Luo Guofu, in particular, can be regarded as sentient and righteous.What do you think about that?