Dongguan Federation of Trade Unions launched a series of activities to welcome the Spring Festival

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On the eve of the 2022 Spring Festival, dongguan Federation of Trade Unions has arranged 10 million yuan for the theme of “Warm workers · Happy New Year in Guangdong”, strengthened efforts to carry out sympathy for workers, and carried out a series of Spring Festival activities featuring “I-character”.”Ten thousand roasted geese condolence to workers” activity is a new brand of condolence activity created by two levels of labor unions in Dongguan this year.It is reported that the two levels of labor unions in Dongguan will purchase 10,000 roasted geese, through grass-roots visits to the form of sanitation workers, online taxi drivers, truck drivers, couriers, construction workers and other workers to carry out on-site condolences.Dongguan Federation of Trade Unions said that through the practice of sending roasted geese to workers in the Spring Festival, so that the majority of workers truly feel the warmth of dongguan city, stay to celebrate a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.In dongguan city workers cultural palace, for specific units to undertake, to carry out staff the flavor of the mother, the New Year new hair color experience, letter “” janitor” guan city workers good voice “” left guan family” and a series of online sharing activities, through cooking staff show, show, show, show tender affection, the voice share moment guan the joy of New Year’s day.For the employees of the whole city, 9 “kitchen god mothers” who are proficient in the northern and southern cuisine are recruited to launch 9 Spring Festival special dishes. In the way of online cooking teaching, nine episodes of the taste of “worker mothers” are simultaneously launched on the guangdong Union, Douyin, Video and other multimedia, to promote the communication of food culture with food as the bond.Among them, lingnan innovative dishes such as “litchi shrimp Balls”, “Fish in white Jade boat” and “Sixi Fu bag” have received more than 10,000 hits.”We workers also fashion” activities invited senior professional image stylist, photographer for sanitation workers, takeout, Courier, water electricians, construction workers, kitchen workers, storekeepers and other front-line workers to carry out image transformation, to the audience a strong visual impact, bring fresh and new feeling.The New Year’s new look, starting from the “head”, is everyone’s yearning for a better life and sustenance.”New Year new hair color experience” activity invites hairdresser, design new hairstyle for workers in batches, show dish hair, protect hair, raise hair skill teaching, solve “head” wait for big event.Since the release of the activity, attracted the majority of workers to sign up to participate.Family letters are an important part of excellent traditional Chinese culture and play an important role in family tradition, family education and youth growth.With the development of the Internet and other information technology, the Federation of Trade Unions has innovated the carrier of letters from home activities, using the new form of sending contents by email, combining letters from home and greetings from the trade union, and delivering postcards of “I-type” New Year’s greetings. It pays attention to warmth and enhances the emotional communication between employees and their parents and children.Send 1000 letters home containing warmth to 1000 registered workers.Many workers said that feeling affection in writing, in communication to enhance understanding, very meaningful.”Guan city workers good voice” online GeYou challenge activities by the dongguan team worker group of vocal music, web celebrity singer Ma Xuan issue 20 popular songs, fluttering, online champion challenging, worker phone participation in the form of closed box, thumb up to accept the audience, the cumulative gain thumb up top 10 participants, give bonuses to encourage,The event currently attracts hundreds of young workers.During the Spring Festival, the trade unions at both levels of the town will visit 33 key enterprises and 3 new employment forms of the city’s trade unions, send a batch of sports and fitness equipment, care for the front-line employees.We will visit the homes of poverty-stricken workers and model workers, send condolence money and gifts, and send the care and warmth of the Party and the government to the families of poverty-stricken workers.In addition, in light of the actual conditions of Dongguan, trade unions at both levels of the town and the city have also given tickets for scenic spots, movies, sports events and health care packages to employees who spend the Spring Festival in Dongguan, and organized them to carry out festive activities such as culture, sports, health care and fitness during the Spring Festival.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | QiuRuiNi