Non-performing assets valuation is a skill, this tool is indispensable

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With the rapid development of market economy, there will be more and more non-performing assets, which need to be effectively disposed of, appraisal as the core of the disposal of non-performing assets is particularly important.How appraisal serves NPL disposal is not only related to the interests of each economic subject, but also related to the sound development of the industry and market economy.I am an appraiser, working in a valuation agency, and my job is to make reasonable estimates of non-performing assets.In our work, involves the interests of the different economic subjects, such as property rights, creditors, and the buyer, will inevitably bring many benefits to cross, the economic subject will inevitably to influence behavior such as induced by force, instigated, appraisal institution and the practice process of the appraiser and, in turn, affect the appraisal result to satisfy their interests,Therefore, in our work, we must make strict requirements on the cognition of project ontology, selection of value type, implementation of evaluation procedure, selection of evaluation method, evaluation standard and technical specification.In my work, there is a magic weapon — the big data evaluation system “Asset Information network”. With the help of this system, my appraisal work becomes increasingly efficient. In a real estate appraisal work, “asset information Network” gave me a lot of help.In the assessment of the disposal of a house, I met a survey is restricted, cannot perform necessary problem of evaluation process, in a confused me, I don’t know where to begin, suddenly my mind flash across a message that can be addressed by the asset information network, I can’t wait to open the url, tapping the keyboard, to find out the alternative program,In addition, I analyzed the factors influencing value and quantified the impact on value, and disclosed and suggested all the problems in the final report. I not only completed the evaluation smoothly and was praised by the boss, but also improved my career because of my excellent work.Under the condition that the NPL trading market is not yet mature, some problems will be exposed in the appraisal process, which will affect the interests of various economic subjects and the social credibility of the appraisal industry. Therefore, we need to use the most correct software — asset information network to help us make the most reasonable appraisal.With the bad assets diversity, treat assessment of non-performing assets disposal becomes more and more complex, as appraiser at this time we will need this kind of the asset information network system to assist our work, and the strictly in the process of valuation process, increasing the risk control means, and we also should have good professional knowledge,The “asset information network” is used to strengthen the understanding and cognition of appraisal objects, so as to better explore the value of non-performing assets and discover the risk points, enhance the fairness and credibility of appraisal results, and provide effective price support for the disposal of non-performing assets.In my work with this big data evaluation system “Asset Information Network”, my daily evaluation work has been greatly improved. The powerful data analysis and data integration capabilities of this system have brought great convenience to my work, and I am also familiar with the real estate situation.With the increasing demand of NPL disposal evaluation, it provides new opportunities for this industry, and new opportunities mean new challenges. I believe that with the help of this “asset information network”, our industry will usher in a new dawn!Image credit: Unsplash