Flowers in Keukenhof Park by Lee Jin-tin, iron Division 10

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Keukenhof Park, located in the outskirts of Amsterdam, the town of Lisse, rich bulb flower field, was founded in 1830, has 190 years of history, is an area of 28 hectares, the world’s largest tulip park, is the world’s largest bulb park.Keukenhof has the highest number of tulip varieties in the world, the highest quality of tulip varieties, and the highest quality of tulip cultivation.Keukenhof tulip Park is worth appreciating not only the flowers in full bloom, but also the flower bed design.Many flowers are planted in the garden in a seemingly chaotic yet orderly way. Planting beds of different shapes, with grass and green trees, accompanied by Bridges and streams, accompanied by swans and ducks, are a source of inspiration for gardeners to plan their gardens.The park also has adventure Tours, garden mazes and pasture activities specially designed for children, which could be a lesson for our country’s agricultural and tourism industry.Surrounded by fields of colorful flowers, Keukenhof is a spectacular old park.A lush color of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and bulbs of all kinds resembles a spring garden nestled among carpets of flowers, in which there are said to be more than six million varieties of flowers, many of them rare.Every spring, there is a flower show that lasts for about eight weeks. There are also many related activities, including workshops on gardening and flower arrangement, and exhibitions on various themes.The Netherlands produces about nine billion flower bulbs a year, including three billion tulip bulbs, which would circle the equator seven times if arranged.KEUKEN park was originally the home of Countess Jacob HOF (courtyard in the castle), used for hunting and growing vegetables and herbs for kitchen meals, KEUKEN (kitchen), which is said to be the origin of the name KEUKEN Park of Flowers, which opened in 1949.With pavilions and pavilions that host displays of plants and rare flowers, visitors can enjoy a visual feast of high-level art in a dazzling world.The prototype of modern Keukenhof park was designed in 1840 by German landscape horticulturists Zohert and his son.The overall landscape design of the park is dominated by The English style: tall trees, winding paths, green lawns, quiet pools. Some of the trees planted at that time are still growing in the park today, and these ancient trees have been carefully maintained by the administrators.Flower suppliers participate in the operation of the park to ensure the continuous circulation of the park, which is also commonly known as the concept of gardening.Every spring, more than 6 million flowers bloom in the park, including more than 1,000 varieties of tulips alone, making Keukenhof a sea of colorful flowers.It is hard to find words to describe this magnificent sight, and it is so intoxicating that it enjoys the reputation of “the most beautiful spring garden in Europe”.Edit: Enjoy it