Bad style of play, incompatible with the big three!Harden hits the shelf, nets lose and harden takes the blame

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Bad style of play, incompatible with the big three!Harden on the shelf, nets fail and harden takes the blame!Beijing time on February 5th, today at Sir Nets to harden and short of war games because of injury, considering that the nets have encountered six-game losing streak, the downturn phase, the nets to be open trading harden, because harden refused to renew the contract in advance, decided in the offseason to plan again, now the nets believe harden style has a problem, and is not compatible with the big three,The Nets planned to complete a trade for Harden in midseason, not necessarily in the offseason, but didn’t expect harden to take the blame for the nets’ failure.According to Shams, the Nets and 76ers will open trade talks for Harden this week, with the 76ers adding Seth Curry, Marc Maxie and Sabre in addition to Simmons, and the Nets willing to trade harden if they can improve their team.Interestingly, because of harden’s recent injuries and concerns about his playing style, the Nets’ game plan often varies depending on harden’s availability, and the Nets play differently when he’s not on the court.On top of that, The Nets’ management didn’t see a compatibility between Harden and Durant and Irving. Harden’s long ball-handling style in Houston, which helped harden win the MVP, was completely different from irving and Durant’s, which is one of the reasons they were willing to part with Harden.After unexpectedly harden into the shelves, personal failings were infinite amplification, last season after joining the nets, harden has change play as much as possible into the team, but I didn’t think after the nets get into trouble, all the responsibility, normally, Owen has refused to vaccination, indirectly caused the durant and harden long-term fatigue caused by injuries,The big three have combined for a 13-3 record in 16 games so far, but it seems that irving is more to blame than harden.”I don’t think we’re a passive type of team,” Nash said. “We’re not going to trade because we lose games. We’ve built something, and if we’re healthy, we have a good chance of competing for a championship.”Nash also said, is the premise of footballing players stay healthy, and durant window title this season, Owen also came into contract last year (1 + 1) contract, harden’s situation is not stable, durant and harden at present are subject to different degrees of injury, Joe has plans for a second surgery, when to come back is unknown, and Michael Owen has not been vaccinated,With no home games in the playoffs, the Nets’ path to the title is shaky.